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The Dry Care Team

You have truly outdone yourselves - these are the best all-around adult diapers I have found. They are as absorbent as the best premium brands, the fit is the best (for me at least), the leakguards are outstanding, and the rear padding is completely usable due to extremely good wicking ability. I think the quilting of the padding also helps with distribution. Great job - it was worth the wait!

H. R.

June 1

I wanted to give a testimonial to this product which I normally wouldn't do. I have been incontinent for over 3 years and these diapers have helped me save countless sheet washes, embarrassing moments and otherwise uncomfortable situations. Your new adult diapers are amazing...please don't change anything because these actually WORK. No more wet sheets or even waking up to change in the middle of the night due to a wet feeling. These diapers are wonderful and thank you for making them. I have abandoned other brands and as long as you keep the plastic backing, great tapes and wonderful absorbency I'll be a customer for the next 40+ years.
Thanks again,

S. L.

May 29

They really are a good diaper. I went out and watched a double-feature movie the other day and never worried about a thing. :)

J. B.

May 27

Let me first say that I refer to products like these by their functional name; they are diapers, not briefs. I am very clear about the function they serve and see no reason to find ways to introduce ambiguity with euphemisms.

Anyone who must wear diapers knows that no single diaper works for every occasion. There are times when you need something more discreet, though at the cost of capacity and, therefore, time. And there are times when you need the highest possible capacity, regardless of bulk. You can’t have it both ways. Or can you?

I was a huge fan of the previous version of the Dry 24/7 diapers, and they were perfect for a long night’s sleep without worry, but I would never have dreamt of wearing them under my work slacks. They offered freedom from frequent changes and peace of mind, but weren’t practical for my daytime purposes.

The new 24/7 diaper, the ConfiDry offers some interesting upgrades that make a nice difference. The smooth, plain white plastic shell is clearly thicker than before, which inspires confidence. I’ve had my share of “pinhole” leaks from other diapers, and I’m willing to bet these won’t have that issue. The tapes are wider, and stay put all day or all night. And most interesting are the standing leak guards. Not only are they tall, they’re also more substantial, so it’s unlikely that anything will get past them.

But best of all is that these new diapers are thinner than the previous 24/7 diaper, offering the same exceptional protection with less bulk. I put one on under a pair of “relaxed fit” jeans, just to see if I could tell, and I seriously doubt a stranger would ever know.

So while I’m not sure I’ll wear the ConfiDry under tight-fitting pants, they’re discreet enough to wear under looser clothing when boarding a plane, taking long car trips, or even going to a movie and enjoying a large drink. Or, as always, enjoying a long, worry-free night of sleep.

What 24/7 has done with the ConfiDry is to create a new classification of diaper. They’re not the thin, low-capacity diaper suitable only for short outings, or the bulky and obvious overnight-only diaper--these are the diaper you can wear when you need to just not worry about much of anything.

T. V.

May 23

Thanks very much for making these VERY comfortable and absorbent diapers. From the first time I've tried the new ConfiDry 24/7, it was just right. No leaks, no wet bed or pants. The tapes on them are bigger than normal, and that helps to keep a secure fit.
For a heavy wetter overnight, these have surpassed the comfort level that I had hoped for. I appreciate the promotional pricing as well. yours. Thanks very much for allowing me to sleep comfortably at night, and to travel long distances. I just wanted to say how remarkable the new ConfiDry is. All the new changes to the design and the absorbency is incredible.

K. S.

May 20

NO ONE has a better brief, no kidding it is practically perfect in every way, It was well worth the wait to have a product that surpasses all the others! What a gift to people who need it. Thank you so very much for all the effort and research! Great Job!

H. R.

May 20

If you are incontinent, you owe to yourself to try ConfiDry 24/7. The ConfiDry 24/7 is absolutely amazing and the best diaper on the market.

You can have the utmost confidence, the ConfiDry 24/7 can endure multiple wettings without leaks as you live about your busy life. The superb leg gathers that go from the front waist band all the way back to the back waist band to prevent those embarrassing leaks compared to the other diapers. The ConfiDry 24/7 don't swell much after a couple wettings so they aren't noticeable under your clothing. If you need to refit, you are effectively able to refasten the tapes without ripping. Do try the incredible ConfiDry 24/7.

T. S. May 17

Hi Dry Care, Thank you again so much. This is some absolutely outstanding customer service. I wish more companies would follow your model. Thanks again!

N. W.

May 17

First I just wanted to say your product is amazing! I have recently switched to it from other brands and it is absolutely outstanding. I have cystic fibrosis and one of the side effects from my medicines is bladder incontinence and along with that I don't have a particularly large body frame so finding a small sized brief that worked for me was always a challenge until I came across your product. I can't think of another incontinence product I will ever use! Thanks again for creating such a fantastic brief. I had recently ordered two cases and they have been great, I just wanted to let you guys know. Thanks again and have a great day.

D. R.

May 16

Dry Care,

I have tried just about every product out there, and I just want to thank you for making the MOST superior product on the market. Not only does the capacity by far out do the others, the construction is top notch. The leg guards do not fall apart, the waist does not break down, and best of all are the tapes. They are hold great and are attached very well, so they do not rip off.

T. N. May 16

I just got a case of Confidry24/7 and
I must say, wow! These are the best diapers. I have used all of the other high end diapers and these outperform all of them. Thank you for the great product. These are my diapers from now on. I will continue to get these from your Canadian distributor.

J. F. May 14

These Diapers are outstanding!!! M.E. May 13

Dear ConfiDry 24/7, The diapers are absolutely amazing. The diapers are extremely comfortable with the waist band and the very effective leg gatherings. The diapers didn't breakdown after a couple wettings. The ConfiDry 24/7 are simply the best diaper on the market. It was well worth the wait on the new improvements. I have tried other diapers and ConfiDry 24/7 are above and beyond the competition. An extremely satisfied customer.
Thank you for such a superior diaper. TW May 12

Wow, the new briefs are amazing! Love the heavy plastic and wider tape tabs. May 9,

Dear Dry 24/7,

I just want to say thank you! I received my case of larges this afternoon and I immediately put one on after work. These fit perfectly and are amazingly absorbent and comfortable. They are an amazing product and I'm so glad to have found these. I have tried almost all of the diapers on the market and yours is the absolute best.

Thanks again for a wonderful product,

D. B. May 8

I noted that the new tapes are a very good improvement over the old tapes. C. Y. May 6

These are by far the best diapers I have ever worn and I've tried every major brand out there. I believe in calling a spade a spade, and everything about the ConfiDry 24/7 diapers shouts diaper. I believe if we keep talking around the subject instead of just addressing it for what it really is then we will never get rid of the stigma that comes with adult diapers. So with that in mind I was curious why Dry Care doesn't call them adult diapers on their packaging instead of adult briefs? In most of the testimonials, most of us users call them what they are, diapers.

T. V.

May 2

Just received and used a number of your new diapers. They perform wonderfully. yes, the plastic is slightly noisy but that is fine as there is no leak through. Please do NOT change the plastic to quieter plastic. Every time a diaper supplier does that there is suddenly a problem with press through leakage. You have made a wonderful diaper and I would like to see it stay the way it is!

S. M.

April 27

This past Monday I received a case of your redesigned diapers in size medium. I was pleased with the old version, but your recently released and redesigned diapers have exceeded my expectations. To say that you are producing an excellent product would be an understatement. Regards,

M. K. April 18

Hi ...I have tried my new diaper that you sent to me. Firstly, I absolutely love the diaper. It's fit is awesome, so very comfortable and I feel very secure in it. I would like to know, just for curiosity, how the diaper can hold so much liquid and distribute the wetness evenly in my diaper. Does the diaper get thicker after it is wet, or is that my imagination? It's not a bad thing either way ...just curious. I also am hoping that you develop a booster for the diaper because I still am a very heavy wetter at night. I do, in fact, still need a booster. I am required to drink copious amounts of water to flush out toxins in my body (by doctors orders). I want to submit a great review.

B. R.

April 14

FYI received your diapers in small. Absolutely no leaks.
The capacity was great The thickness of the diaper did not bother me as I rather have the absorbency.

G. U. April 12

Just recently received your product. The 24/7 diapers. Not sure what you improved about them off hand. But I have no complaint, I like them.

M. S.

April 10

Just wanted to send you a quick note. The new diapers are the best I have worn...they are by far the most comfortable and absorbent. Tapes are perfect.
Fit is Perfect.
Plastic Backing is strong.
Thickness is just right.
Leak guards are place perfectly and run from front to rear and tie in with the elastic at the waist ....Perfect!
If I were to design a diaper this would be it.
I am exceptionally pleased with your new diaper, don't change a thing. Thank you for an exceptional/excellent American made product

S. P. April 6

Hi, I have been an incredibly loyal customer of your brand. Dry 24/7 was finally the diaper that gave me confidence. No leaks, supreme absorbency, comfortable, etc. sadly I've been having to use other brands since your supply stopped and I'm constantly dealing with embarrassing leaks, diaper rash, etc. Plus I'm on a fixed income to to my disability and am spending so much more on these other diaper brands that don't hold as much, tear easily, bad tapes, etc. I know you must be hammered with the same questions, but I just needed to ask for myself. The quality of your diapers have always reigned supreme, and my life is just not the same without them. Many thanks!

A. T.

February 5

Thank you... I hope you product is as good or better than it was. I am a HUGE fan of your product. Your diapers have made my life as a professional EMT/Dispatcher much easier knowing I don't have to worry about diaper issues. Thanks again
H. L.
PA EMT-B/EMS Dispatcher January 30


I've used your products before and was quite happy with the quality of the diaper. It was soft, really absorbent and an over all joy to use!

Thank you very much for your time and the company's hard work to further improve an already excellent item!

I loved your products before and would love to come back to you for supplies.

N. G. January 25

Hi there,

You state on your website that you'll be ready to ship some time in January, just wondering if you have an update? i'm sure there's a lot of pent up demand for your product, count me among those very much looking forward to it!


D. W.

January 10