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Frequently Asked Questions

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UPS does not ship directly to PO Boxes.

UPS does notify you by mailing a postcard to your PO Box stating that the Box has arrived to the local UPS facilities.

If you select this option, Dry Care does not cover return shipping costs in the case that the box is not collected by the deadline date, designated on the notification postcard. 
Please send us a confirmation e-mail stating that you approve Dry Care shipping your order to a PO Box.
Include that you take full responsibility in the case that the shipment is returned and are aware that you will be charged the return shipping cost.

We have an Auto Ship Method, whereby you can select how many cases you need, and how often ex: (every 2 weeks) you want them shipped.

This also saves you the hassle of ordering every time and you get a discount of $5.00 per case!

Our sample packs are mailed in plain unmarked envelopes with USPS.

The return address is:

Dry Care
1425 37th street
Suite 613
Brooklyn, NY, 11218

As soon as you begin the checkout process, PayPal is responsible for taking all the payment information.

We have "PayPal payment pro" which means that PayPal is behind the scenes throughout the whole checkout process.

Notice the secure lock on your address bar.

We do not have any access to your payment information.

This will move you to PayPal's secure site where you can continue the checkout process.

Yes. Money orders can be mailed to the below address:

Dry Care
1425 37th street
Suite 613
Brooklyn, NY, 11218

As soon as the payment clears, your order will be shipped

We are sorry but we no longer ship to APO addresses.

The reason for this is that once the order is passed over from USPS to the MPSA, it is impossible to track.

Up until today, there have been many cases that never reached their destination and Dry Care is still waiting for the outcome of MPSA's "Pending" on the inquiry as to the whereabouts of the packages .

It is best you order a sample pack before you make an order since every companies' sizes are different and will fit your body differently.

It is best you order one of each size so that you can compare and see which size suits you best.